Prevent Winter Accidents with Atlanta Landscape Lighting

There are many reasons to use Atlanta Landscape Lighting during the winter months. With the days getting shorter you will have less light than normal so the extra illumination can be used to guide your way, protect your home or just highlight an attractive part of your property. Even walking the dog at night can seem like less of a chore if you have a motion sensor to turn on the light for you.

The proper Atlanta Landscape Lighting will:

  • Improve safety by allowing you to see icy patches, fallen debris from winter storms or just help you get the door open faster when you are freezing your nose off.
  • Cause criminals to skip your house for one with a greater chance of remaining undetected.
  • Accentuate your landscape so that people’s eyes are drawn to the parts you are most proud of.
  • Generally improve your mood by providing a little warm glow during the grey months of winter.

When you decide to install Atlanta Landscape Lighting, you should walk your property and decide where you need it most.

Atlanta Landscape Lighting can work in a lot of different areas but these are a few you should focus on first:

  1. Walking paths and stairwells for safety sake
  2. Doorways
  3. Parking areas
  4. Trees, plants and flowers

Keep in mind that Atlanta Landscape Lighting should be unobtrusive during daylight hours so smaller is often better. Compact walkway lights are great for paths and LED’s are often used in these situations. Some are solar powered but they give off a dim light compared to better quality walkway lighting that is actually wired into your home. The same can be said for the decorative and multicolored spotlights that are used to help illuminate particularly attractive elements of the landscaping. Call Georgia Landscape Lighting today for your free quote on all of their styles of Atlanta Landscape Lighting!