When you need repairs on any of your outdoor lighting systems make sure you call us at Georgia Landscape Lighting.  We can guarantee that the job will be done quickly and efficiently.  We have over 15 years of experience in landscapes and outdoor lighting and we have worked with all types and styles of lighting available.

What should I expect when I call Georgia Landscape Lighting?

When you call us for any landscape lighting repairs, or new installation, we will start with an accurate assessment of your current system and any issues that you’re having.  We can correct any problems that we see, and help identify and notify you if you lighting plan could be more efficient.  We will talk the repairs over with you and ensure that you are getting the most from our service before we move forward with the repairs.

Outdoor Lighting | Georgia Landscape LightingOur work and repairs are completed by a highly skilled team of outdoor lighting technicians.  They are familiar with many different brands, styles and layouts of landscape lights.  Our promise is to work in a professional manner, to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and within the most reasonable time frame.

At Georgia Landscape Lighting we can make sure your lighting system is the most efficient available and running at its best. Give us a call today 678.723.7235 to schedule a repair on your outdoor or landscape lighting system.