How Can Outdoor Lighting Improve Your Summer Fun

After a long winter, summer is finally here and it is time to enjoy your yard to the fullest. Between backyard barbecues, touch football games and a host of other outdoor activities, you may find yourself losing the light all too quickly even with the longer days. But with some strategic placement of Atlanta Outdoor Lighting you can keep having a blast long after you lost the daylight.

Atlanta Landscape Lights are often taken for granted as just a way for you to see your yard once it gets dark but they have come a long way over the years. When used correctly Atlanta Outdoor Lighting will create outstanding visuals and provide benefits you may have never considered before.

Properly designed and installed Atlanta Outdoor Lighting will offer you:

  • Entry Lighting | Georgia Landscape LightingEasy navigation. The most obvious use of lighting is to help you avoid stepping in a hole or walking into a tree but it can be utilized in interesting ways. By mixing task, ambient and overhead lights you can lead people along a path, expose hazards or highlight areas of interest.
  • Outdoor living spaces. The right lighting will add borders to certain areas of your property and in effect, create rooms outdoors. This is especially helpful during a party because it will prevent people from wandering apart and instead keep them grouped together for easier mingling.
  • Heightened security. – Light is one of the major deterrents of crime. No burglar will try breaking into a home if it means standing directly under a spotlight. It also helps to have wall scones and path lights on motion detectors in darkened areas so it is impossible for you to be taken by surprise.
  • Artistic designs. – Amazing things can be created with Atlanta Outdoor Lighting. You can use the shadows it produces to design interesting effects and silhouettes on walls. You can put lights in trees to emulate a moonlit night or even create an outdoor chandelier for your get-together.

Use Water Feature and Pool Lighting to Create an Oasis After Dark

People all over the country spend their weekends trying to turn their backyard into a sanctuary for themselves and their families. It is a relaxing hobby for many but it sometimes lends itself to common problems such as improperly handled water effects and poor lighting. Mainly because it’s so easy to become fixated on the way things look during the day and completely neglect its effect at night.

Pools and water features create really eye catching displays at night if they are lit correctly with Atlanta Landscape Lights. Before installing any Atlanta Landscape Lights, you should think about:

  • Pool Lighting | Georgia Landscape LightingIntensity – The most common type of pool light you will find are general purpose, high intensity models. Some are so bright that it makes it uncomfortable to relax poolside at night because of the intense glare. Give some thought to what mood you are trying to create and choose Atlanta Landscape Lights to enhance that effect.
  • Style – Atlanta Landscape Lights come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Choose a style that flows with the overall look of your home so that everything looks like a piece of a greater whole.
  • Durability – Never skimp on the durability of your pool or water feature lighting. It may cost a little extra but if the light will stand up to the constant moisture in the air for longer then it will save you money in the long run.
  • Location – Remember, you are not just trying to see where you are going. You are trying to create a mood or a specific effect. By placing diffuse lighting behind plants or other obstructions, you get a very diffuse effect that is very calming. A light in a tree could mimic moonlight through the leaves or you could shine it through a template to create interesting shadows.